William Jacobson, law professor, creates online database targeting ‘critical race training’ schools

A law professor opposed to critical race theory in education has created a website containing a list of colleges and universities that he said similarly minded people might consider avoiding.

William A. Jacobson, a clinical professor at Cornell Law School and founder of the conservative Legal Insurrection blog, launched the site, CriticalRace.org, this week and said it has more than 200 entries already.

Critical race theory, succinctly, maintains that all institutions are inherently racist, as evidenced by ongoing systemic racism impacting Black, Brown and other minority communities in the U.S.

Opponents of critical race theory, including Mr. Jacobson, have taken issue with a growing number of colleges and universities implementing critical race theory into academia and campus life.

“Anti-racism does not actually mean what people think it means. It actually is very racist,” Mr. Jacobson said while promoting his site Thursday on the Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“It’s current discrimination in order to remedy past discrimination as the ideology. So I saw this developing. I started to research it. I was going to write an op-ed or an article about it, and then I realized it was almost everywhere. And so we began to gather the data,” Mr. Jacobson said.

CriticalRace.org describes itself on its home page as a “free resource for parents and students concerned about the negative impact Critical Race Training has on education.”

Cornell University is among the scores of schools listed on the new site, along with other Ivy League colleges and other institutions of higher learning spread throughout the country.

Each school on the site is accompanied by an explanation for its inclusion, such as requiring faculty to undergo diversity training or mandating that students take certain courses, among others.

A cursory glimpse of the site shows the criteria isn’t always clear with some universities. For example, Portland State University in Oregon is listed on the website because the school announced that it would disarm its police officers.

New Mexico State University appears on account of the school hosting a guest who the site describes as someone “whose work focuses on multicultural education and anti-racism.”

And, similarly, Texas A&M University is listed because the school invited an “anti-racist advocate” to deliver a keynote address held in honor of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“The database is actually neutral. It’s just data,” Mr. Jacobson told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “You can find out what’s going on at schools. Maybe you like it. Maybe you want your children to be sent to a school where they get indoctrinated, or maybe you’re going to send them to a school where you don’t know what’s going on, and this is a way to find out.”

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