What Chynna Ortaleza learned from her daughter’s homeschooling

Celebrity mom Chynna Ortaleza is homeschooling her daughter Stellar and she is overcome by worry about how difficult the lessons are.

The actress expressed her apprehension because her daughter seems to find it hard working on numbers, as per her Instagram page on Jan. 22.

“The other day we were really struggling with the 100 board,” she said. She fears that Stellar would be afraid of numbers.

“Bilang nung bata ako ay talagang hirap na hirap ako.. actually hindi lang nung bata.. kahit ngayon,” she noted. (When I was a kid, I also struggled. Actually, not only as a kid, I still find it hard now.)

But Ortaleza has learned a few things about her daughter’s “learning curve.”

“She needs to sleep on a lesson. No fail.. the next day her difficulty understanding will transform into performing the exercises with ease,” she observed.

Having said realized this, Ortaleza believes that as a parent, one should be open to “reprogram.”

chynna ortaleza ig
Chynna Ortaleza. Image: Instagram/@chynsortaleza

“Be conscious [and] try to stop yourself from projecting your fears unto the child. I am so guilty of this. I fail at it,” she admitted. “However, I am trying to step back [and] just watch her grow into herself instead. My child is teaching me A LOT about everything.” JB


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