We’re Moving! Sharing the news of a coming change for Team TLAC

04.01.22We’re Moving! Sharing the news of a coming change for Team TLAC

I’m writing to share a bit of organizational news, which is that after 15 fantastic years at Uncommon Schools, the Teach Like a Champion Team will be moving. On July 1, we’ll become an independent organization within Together Education, which supports and develops education nonprofits as they start-up or make significant organizational changes.

First, about the change: It’s a little change rather than a big one and mostly relates to operations. Our work is increasingly outward-facing and involves an incredible team of people spread out across the country. This move will allow us to have more flexibility as an organization, which will help us provide optimal support to the schools we work with and to our fantastic staff. Uncommon runs 57 amazing schools- schools we are proud to have supported and learned from- but there are challenges inherent in trying to also provide a smaller group within it with the sort of flexibility it needs as a teaching R&D and training shop.

We’ve worked alongside Uncommon Schools for more than a year to plan this transition and will remain “in the family” and closely connected. We’ve designed it mutually to make sure we continue learning from–and with–each other. It goes without saying that we will do everything we can to contribute to Uncommon’s ongoing success and we know that commitment is mutual as we grow.

Second, about Together Education: Together is “a non-profit startup studio” with the mission of helping start “enduring, equity-driven, scalable solutions to our most pressing education challenges.” Us, in other words. Even if we’re not exactly a start-up, we are increasingly working in new fields such as curriculum development and long-term consulting and partnership with schools and networks beyond Uncommon, and we want to get those parts right. Not coincidentally, Together Education is run by our long-time colleague and a mentor Norman Atkins, and one of the biggest benefits of the change is that we get his guidance and support in (re)-designing our work and strategy in new fields as we pursue a changing portfolio of projects such as our middle grade—and soon, we hope, high school—reading curriculum.

If you attend our workshops and use our training materials or are a school we partner with, you will probably notice very little change- as we continue to focus on what helps you run the best schools humanly possible for the families you serve.

So here’s to a small change, the ongoing partnership of the colleagues we’ve worked beside all along, Uncommon Schools, and a new home not too far from the nest.

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