UFT Executive Board May 23, 2022 Bar Talk and More


LeRoy Barr–Welcomes us. Speaks to verifying visitors online.


Christina Gavin–Kathy Perez and Dan Leopold, Ronnie Almonte, Travis M. would like to join meeting. Wants to discuss false allegations in relation to using google group. Had asked for librarian listserve, went unresponded. Sends emails from her list. A candidate contacted people saying because group contained UFT name, belonged to UFT. It is not a UFT list. Anyone may join by sending me an email. Second complaint about false reports against me by Bill Woodruff. On 49 occasions suggested I messed up, had bad intentions and wounded union. Said it was sincere apology, but charged me with behaving in inappropriate manner, and thus another complaint was filed. Speaks of Bar 47 distribution, but was not a union group, used no union resources. Prohibited us from distributing flyers. Was verbally assaulted, and other candidates were slandered. Transcript available. 

Mary Perez–CL from Bronx, D79. March 25 UFT social at Bar 47. 10-12 teachers joined about 3. Saw a lot of old friends. Saw no flyers, sat down and talked. Saw William in front waiting for people to come in. Saw people giving UFC flyers. Was there to see friends. At the bar, Christina came in, we were ready to leave. Saw her flyers and saw her on phone. Told her I wasn’t interested, and she continued behind me. I felt harassed. Friend asked her to leave me alone. Bill said leave it alone. 

Barr–Comments in response to election complaint at our last meeting. Have heard from both sides. Chance for us to hear. With respect to UFT librarians @gmail—This election was a little different. We got complaints about members who happened to work for UFT using their personal accounts with UFT embedded in name. Told them they could not use accounts with UFT embedded in it, because people might think you are speaking on behalf of UFT. Got same complaint about similar group and came o same conclusion. This meeting as well as DAs should not be recorded. Will go into executive session if I don’t have agreement. These are EB and DA rules. Trusting people, and don’t wish to see recordings on social media. If people can’t cooperate, that will change the way we do business. Would like to have access, but not recording. We record for minutes, but don’t distribute outside. 

D7 event–We heard different accounts. Everyone should act respectfully. Elections are over, we are one union, and we have enemies who’d like us to fail. We need to come together and move forward. 


Michael Mulgrew–Welcomes everyone. Albany–Assembly discussing mayoral control. Also talking about class size. Spring conference–Class size piece did well. Told governor, mayor, Regents that class size matters. They have to end June 7 because of primaries. New lines drawn, elected officials freaking out. We are focused on legislative session and major policy issues. Thanks everyone who came Saturday and spoke of what teachers and members need. 

Calendar--Was just on phone–DOE has sent calendar to NYSED for approval. Hoping it gets done. Will get it out when it’s approved. Ridiculous it takes so long.

June 9 will be like Election Day–remote. DOE agrees unless there’s reason for people to be onsite will be virtual.

32,400 people filled out survey. Negotiating committee will meet June 15. 


Q–Can we move forward with SBOs on schedules–Ruling from NYS on Regents to appeal–APPR-are we included?

A–SBOs can be started. CLs like to do them all at once. 

Debbie Poulos–We have a pilot workday agreement. When it’s signed off and calendar goes out we are ready. 

Mulgrew–We have an agreement but not signed. Regents have not gotten back to us on appeal or APPR. I did sign for waiver. Both us and they have to agree. Up to district, not union.

Q–D79 superintendent very good, cares, is knowledgeable, but wasn’t finalist. Now is part of it, but it’s an outrage. He was heads above other candidates. When new people come in, can be disaster. Many issues in this district. Need this person in charge. 

A–He’s a good man, always there for kids. This is their process. Teachers advocate for various people to be supe, sometimes sitting, sometimes not. Seems they are backing away from taking recommendations of people involved with process. Didn’t understand what they were getting into. If people feel strongly, we will do what we can to support. 

School safety has been doing great job. Visited every school in city, measured square footage and ventilation. Tough year with violence, shootings and lockdowns. 

Reports from Districts–

DeShanna Barker–Queens HS had bowling event, 14 HS participated, was great event. 

Seung Lee--With four days notice, Asian American Parade, dozens of members showed up. Had children, retirees, was great event. Had organizing meeting, was great week.

Melody?–Asks for paid leave. Heart disease and chemo take a long time. Members don’t have enough time in banks. Grateful for health care, but only good if you can use it without detriment of family. Hurts women, sick and disabled. We don’t want educators to leave, need benefits commensurate with private sector. 

Janella Hinds--Abortion rights rally May 15. UFT members came out on short notice to march across Brooklyn Bridge and fight for right to privacy confirmed in Roe v. Wade. On May 17 George Altamare acknowledged for 69 years of service in NYC labor council. We’ve been involved in labor movement since our inception. Was proud to give him award. 

Tammy Miller–Thankful we had provider appreciation ceremony May 13. Thanks childhood educators, nurses. Was great to see 350 providers celebrate culture and diversity. 

Rashad Brown–Pride committee doing Daniel Dromm scholarship. UFT members can nominate. Will celebrate students in their communities. PSL loan forgiveness–Oct 31 2022 limited waver ends. Don’t lose out. 

Mary Atkinson–Reports on superintendent candidates at Town Hall. Join yours if it hasn’t taken place. Our DRs and CLs have been going to hear and give feedback. People can ask questions and get pulse of community. Can sign on to Zoom.

Mike Sill–250 years ago James Madison said (reads quote about dividing mankind and animosity) Questions about election process have gone so deep as to endanger election process. Debate should strengthen, not weaken us. One thing to disagree about what happened at the bar, but to assume worst about motivations does not strengthen us. Should debate but not cast aspersions on one another. We are one union. Let’s act like it.

Barr–Ready to work with any activists ready to take on this work. Only way we will get through this is together. Every conversation strengthens us, in person, in meetings, online. We are still greatest and strongest union in country. 

Resolutions for AFT

Condemning hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans. 

Seung Lee–Carried in June 2021. Wants UFT to show leadership. 

Passes unanimously.

Second resolution calling f
or POTUS to pardon Marcus Garvey

Rashad Brown–National situation needs to be handled now. Over 100 years since he was wrongly convicted of mail fraud. First civil rights hero. J. Edgar Hoover was wrong to undermine movement, government had huge part, and we need to correct this. 

Barr–This country has to come to terms with its history.

Passes unanimously. We are adjourned. 6:53.


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