Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent Rick Hilderley rated ‘effective’ on evaluation


TECUMSEH — Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent Rick Hilderley received the second highest ranking of “effective” during his evaluation with the school board Monday evening.

Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent Rick Hilderley

Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent Rick Hilderley

The board met with Hilderley in closed session before its regular meeting at 7 p.m. The board had been putting the issue off since December. It was canceled then and again in January as the meeting when the board was scheduled to do the evaluation ran until 9:30 p.m. and board members decided they wanted to be fresh to discuss Hilderley’s performance.

The board scheduled the closed session before the regular meeting and got the work done.

“It was a good conversation. I always appreciate the feedback. I look at it as a growth opportunity for myself to hear what board members are thinking. They find out the things about what I do on a daily and weekly basis, which I don’t necessarily always tell them about, but I think they were in a few cases surprised and interested in what takes up my time during the day. So that’s always enlightening,” Hilderley said.

Hilderley is happy with his “effective” rating. The highest rating is “highly effective.”

“The overall rating came back as ‘effective,’ which I’m perfectly happy with. We’ll work toward ‘highly effective,’ but the superintendent’s evaluation include 40% student achievement and in my opinion as long as the student achievement scores are in the effective range, then that’s where I should be.”

Under Michigan’s Open Meetings Act, school boards are allowed to conduct employee evaluations in closed session if the employee requests a closed session.

In other business

In other business, at its meeting Monday the Tecumseh Public Schools board:

  • Recognized winners at the state competition for the visual arts including Rita Miller’s artwork, which was rated as one of the Top 18 in the state out of over 300 pieces that made it to the state level; Brooke Miller’s artwork, which will be part of the governors traveling show, which means for the next year it will be displayed in schools around the state and then the governor’s office; Riley Benjamin’s artwork was selected for the Top 100 in the state; and Kaitlyn Brinson’s work was selected for Top 100 in the state.

  • Noted that Project Lead the Way programming — a form of science, technology, engineering and math education and is currently in place for grades K-8 — will be extended to the high school over the next few months.

  • Accepted a donation from Country House Food in the amount of $100 for after prom.

  • Accepted a donation from the Kiwanis Club of Tecumseh in the amount of $1,000 for robotics.

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