Teacher turns to technology to shake up ‘boring’ social sciences- The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: Social Science is often sidelined as one of the most dry and boring subjects in school, and the Covid-induced online classes have done little to help its cause. However, if used the right way, these virtual classes can be just the solution for the unwarranted bad rap the subject gets, says Anoob John, who teaches social science at the Ramamangalam High School here. Using augmented reality and green screen effects, Anoob has shaken up his classes to the point that the discipline has now turned into quite the student favourite.

“The old school way of using a humble globe while learning about the planet is long gone. Now the kids get to study using a much more realistic version of the earth, which will help them get more clarity on the subject while simultaneously raising their interest,” said Anoob, who depends entirely on his smartphone for everything from recording to editing. The tests are also quite hi-tech. “I send out the question papers using Google Docs. Once the students answer the questions and submit their papers, they get their marks instantly. In case they get an answer wrong, the correct answer pops up immediately,” he said. 

He pointed out that Google Docs also helps students evaluate their own performance. More than 10,000 students have attended Anoob’s tests so far, after other social science teachers started to share his question papers online. “I teach Classes VIII, IX and X. But I have been getting requests to take more classes,” he said. His wife Maya and son Efron have been lending him support in shooting, recording and editing video lessons. School headmaster Mani P Krishnan has also been encouraging him.“Another social science teacher Scaria K C, the school’s teaching assistants, and other subject teachers have also helped with the project,” he added.