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TAC conducts Social Media Training for young entrepreneurs in Hack-X 2020

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

Award winning Social media agency TAC carried out a social media & digital marketing training for young entrepreneurs as a part of their integrated digital responsibility policy to empower ore sectors of the Lankan economy.

The program was conducted by Head of Operations of TAC, Artheeshayan Segarajasingam, a young GenZ himself, recognized the vitality of empowering young entrepreneurs with the required knowledge to connect with their audiences effectively. He further added: “The main challenge non-tech entrepreneurs face when trying out social & digital media is, they burn their fingers by wasting too much ad money for poor results. By proper targeting and appropriate content strategies the best result for a brand can truly be achieved”

This was carried out for the HACK-X 2020 which is an inter-university startup challenge organised by the Industrial Management Science Students’ Association of University of Kelaniya. Over 90 young tech entrepreneurs were supported through this initiative. Artheeshayan further added that with Covid19 further showing the need for digital adoption and adaptation of digital marketing, a true Digital economy only becomes possible when the basic essentials of digital marketing are grasped by the entrepreneurs. With Covid19 pushing more entrepreneurs to take the digital route and making the customers rely on digital platforms more now than ever before, digital marketing has become more of a survival skill and not a nice to have extra skill.

TAC is open for collaboration with colleges and universities as a part of their Digital Responsibility strategy to empower more stakeholders of the Lankan economy to be successful.

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