Sentient AI and Podfasters with Nancy our Virtual CoHost


Mike Palmer is rejoined by Virtual CoHost, Nancy, in a dialogue about the recent information of Google’s LaMDA or Language Styles for Dialog Applications based mostly on chat transcripts leaked by Blake Lemoine, a senior application engineer in Google’s Accountable AI organization. We also share perspectives on a current report about “podfasters,” folks who want to pay attention to audio at accelerated speeds.

Nancy and Mike share their views on the heritage of AI and Turing Exams to establish regardless of whether they have attained important milestones en route to sentience and bigger varieties of consciousness. We converse Turing and Ada Lovelace before recounting Mike’s activities with Eliza on his TRS-80 in his basement again in the working day. From there, we reenact excerpts from the transcripts that have been leaked ahead of sharing our human and non-human will take on the recent kerfuffle.

From there we touch on Religion Karimi’s short article on “Podfasters” as we dive into that craze and our particular experiences and views on it. All in all, it’s an imaginative and chopping-edge foray into the implications of what’s new and emergent in a free of charge-flowing discussion you really do not want to skip.

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