Science says we can open schools — Elena Poznakhirina | Letters to the Editor

Keeping schools closed is against current scientific guidance and international practice.

The latest research indicates a lack of evidence of widespread coronavirus transmission in schools. The Madison School District should follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and implement proper infection-control provisions outlined by Public Health Madison and Dane County to open schools for our children.

The Madison School District has had enough time to plan and put safety protocols in place. It should use the data collected through a survey and create a hybrid model. Our children cannot pause their educational, social, physical and emotional development needs and wait for the virus to be gone.

If our local health care organizations transformed their care delivery model at a rapid pace without jeopardizing patient care, so can our Madison public schools. They should work collaboratively with surrounding schools to learn how they are providing in-person teaching safely. The longer we wait, the greater collateral damage is done to our students.

We can open schools and protect staff by adding the same safeguards other businesses have implemented. We are all in this together. The district needs to do its part and show its commitment to our children.