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Science is only accepted means of reinforcing or extinguishing assumptions

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

Because of four years of epic mistakes and mishandling of crises, Joe Biden’s to-do list is large.

But I’m guardedly optimistic. At long last, we’ll have an overarching, national plan to slow the spread of COVID-19, one which entails federal mandates for mask-wearing and social distancing and aggressively uses the Defense Production Act to cover shortages of critical drugs and personal protective equipment. With once-assured serum reserves seeming a sham, coronavirus vaccine supply chains need immediate resilience, and hospitals, overwhelmed by infection rates, are in dire need of sedatives and neuromuscular blocking agents to help intubated patients on ventillatory support. There are shortages of bronchodilators to open airways, opioids for sedation and pain control, and antibiotics for pneumonia and other secondary bacterial infections resulting from COVID-19.

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