Reader: How the Media Lies About the Economy and Crime


A frequent reader who identifies himself as Joel wrote the pursuing critique of the media’s adverse narrative about the financial state and crime. He was responding to the Robert Hubbell publish about “the Media Doomsday Equipment.”

So back in September the BLS [the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics] launched the every month Jobs amount. A terribly disappointing 234,000 Employment +- . It was disappointing since the very same financial analysts who could not see a Housing Bubble even larger than the Continue to be Puff Marshmallow guy had predicted 300,000 + . The fact that it was as higher or greater than all but a handful of the prior 120 months in no way appeared to dawn on the speaking heads. In October there ended up 677,000 Careers additional. And at the very same time the range for Oct was modified 200,000 increased. It took the media all of 10 seconds to shift the narrative to “oh but inflation”
As mentioned by some CNBC conversing head that day, inflation is an expectations activity. If staff anticipate inflation they will request for larger wages. If employers expect inflation they will cost much more for merchandise and solutions. Inflation in September was all of 4.4 ,% significant but not earth shaking. Then the (respectable) media ran stories of virtually $6 greenback a gallon fuel as if that was the norm. Of a Tex-ass couple who goes as a result of 9 gallons of milk a week and was bankrupted by the value (never ask about birth control). Of a Station operator in NJ who spends $1000s a 7 days on gas for his 1970 muscle mass car and his 2000 Escalade.

Nicely the concept was obtained, the expectation of inflation was developed. Wages now lead 8.5% of the inflationary spike. Raw products and offer chain issues 27% of the inflation we see. And excess income contribute 53% of the price hikes we are seeing. (EPI). It would seem the suitable folks received the correct information but it was not the American employee who in spite of all the hoopla does not have the energy to demand from customers wage boosts on a broad centered scale as they did in the past. In preceding inflationary spikes inflation was driven 70% by wage will increase . The media buzz on inflation prior to the Ukraine war enabled businesses to income vastly. The expectation was there. Corporate The united states hopped suitable on the band wagon. Never anticipate the company media to hop on board calling for an excessive income tax, or even to harp on those people extra revenue. Instead we will hear nonsense about low wage employees holding out for a living wage.

Was it a mindful conspiracy ? Possibly not . Is it a blend of of team feel and inferior reporting (IMHO) completely.

Moving on to Criminal offense in NYC . In a nut shell if NYC was the safest major metropolis in The us in 2010 (in accordance to Bloomberg) than how did it get unsafe in 2021 when every single Criminal offense Stat produced by the NYPD is reduce than 2010, when folks felt the Metropolis was secure.

My preferred NYC criminal offense category is rape. In 2021 there were being 1491 documented rapes in NYC up from 1427 in 2020. Women of all ages be concerned be quite fearful!!!. But wait there had been 1755 in 2019 and 1791 rapes in 2018, when everyone thought the Town was incredibly safe and sound.

The Appropriate wing media generates a narrative and instead of countering it, the supposedly Liberal MSM run with the tale. . Cowardly Democratic politicians who get in touch with by themselves moderates hop suitable on board not seeking to feel like they are disregarding an difficulty.

If Trump was President each and every Republican would be contacting inflation phony information and their Ivermectin downing foundation would be swallowing it hook line and sinker.


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