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PleXus Health Science joins Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce to keep businesses virus free

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

PleXus Health Science joins Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce to keep businesses virus free

PleXus Health Science is joining Aventura Marketing Council/ Chamber of Commerce (AMC) to assist members in keeping their businesses safe. As a leader in ultraviolet sanitation, PleXus is looking to eradicate COVID-19 from the community once and for all.

PleXus UVC-650 derives from and harnesses the power of the sun to rid 700 square feet of the
virus in just five minutes by firing UV rays at it. The UVC-650 has been proven effective for any size room, as well as being user friendly for complete convenience.

A few locations have already been incorporating PleXus in their place of business. Italian restaurant Le Sorelle, with locations in Boca Raton and Delray Beach based in South Florida, is one of the first restaurants to utilize PleXus UVC-650 system that has been helpful to them. Safety is a priority, and they use the device twice a day before and after customers come in. Similarly, Krav Maga New York, a martial arts studio in Somers, New York is one of the first gyms to utilize UV disinfection technology in the entire state and has been following the guidelines for Phase IV from state and local orders and PleXus has been an essential part of their health protocols.

The Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce appreciates companies that provide a healthy environment as they help build a long-lasting economic vitality in the community.

CEO of PleXus, Dario Gristina is ecstatic to be a member of the AMC. “I built PleXus from the ground up to serve the community in the most innovative way I know how. Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce is a great way to enhance our environment within this pandemic.”

The “UVC-650” is a sleek, lightweight, high-tech system, which is slated to be a ubiquitous system in public and private spaces such as restaurants, gyms, healthcare settings and much more. UVC-650 is an ultraviolet sanitation system that will help create a safe, germ-free environment. Using high-powered UVC light bulbs by Philips, the streamlined, easy- to -maneuver device emits enough strength to eliminate COVID-19 in spaces up to 700 square feet in five minutes.

“UV-C is 100 percent natural and derived from the same wavelengths created by the sun,” said Gristina “The brilliant engineering and thoughtful design of the UVC-650 system with its digital touchpad and built-in motion-detection features is at an affordable price that appeals to small businesses owners throughout the United States.”

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