Parents reveal funny homeschooling disasters

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

Nicola Gerard  shared her son’s very amusing contribution to his Maths lesson today – not sure he would’ve got full marks for that answer!

Samantha Burrill  was left amused to her six-year-old’s response to Roald Dahl’s Cinderella

Another told how her son decided to put his battery operated car in his sister’s hair while she was on a Google Class meeting

Donna Shingler shared her daughter’s drawing of her sticking her tongue out, as part of instructions for brushing her teeth

Kirsty Arthur shared a snap of her five-year-old’s efforts of drawing Queen Elizabeth. Little did she know he decided to depict her as a pig instead …

Sarah Elizabeth Davy was too impressed by her daughter’s efforts to escape class that she resisted giving her a telling off

Rebekah Whittaker told how her eight-year-old daughter uploaded a video to her teacher of her reading…in her head

Abby Wilson told how she received an email  saying please can you ask your kid to not use the interactive pen after one had scribbled the whole screen out when she was trying to teach

Cathryn Parrish message posted her son’s message to his class yesterday which read: ‘So do I also need to change into my PE uniform or am I allowed to stay in my pyjamas or what?’

Emma Gladwin posted a snap of her seven-year-old’s maths workbook that his school provided him with

Mac Fee revealed her son was reading a short extract out loud over teams but pronounced Knut as “C**T” very loudly

Grace Abel recalled how her friend’s dog was humping her daughter and sofa in today’s live lessons

Melissa Stallard posted this snap alongside a caption which read: ‘My kids let the budgie out whilst I was on a Zoom parents evening. He was circling the room in the background’

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