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New Muscle Science Discovery Between Legend Labz and The University of California Shows a Surprising 200% Increase in Muscle Mass Gains.

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

The genesis of this next generation muscle supplement is the extensive research of one of the world’s leading experts on muscle science, University of California Professor Dr. Keith Baar. Dr. Baar found an entirely new and more effective pathway to building lean muscle mass. He was able to activate this newly discovered pathway using molecules extracted from all natural sources, some of which are already consumed as a part of everyday diets.

Specifically, Dr. Baar found that by manipulating certain molecules within muscles, his formula could release a metabolic brake that significantly hinders muscle growth. Dr. Baar made the analogy of driving a car with the end destination being a fitness or strength goal. We have all been driving to this destination with the parking brake on. Staple muscle supplements, such as creatine and amino acids, work to give your car more gas to speed to the final destination. To Dr. Baar’s surprise, releasing the brakes turned out to be much more effective than applying more gas. Making it possible to reach the end destination of more lean muscle gains faster and more efficiently. 

“MBX200 which is based on my research has revolutionized how we think about muscle growth… We were seeing results that we have never seen before. The science behind what we have discovered is, well, the idea is completely novel that we have figured out a way to increase the efficiency of ribosomes in muscles. That means you are able to make proteins more efficiently… This a fundamental shift in how we are able to regulate our muscle mass… So what that means is that we should be able to build more muscle, faster, with the same amount of exercise,” said Dr. Baar.

MBX200 will be available in February 2021. For more information, visit

About Legend Labz, Inc.

World-renowned muscle scientist and professor at the University of California, Davis, Dr. Keith Baar developed the formula behind MBX200. He has devoted over two decades to understanding the underlying causes of adding or reducing muscle. Dr. Baar’s papers have been cited more than 10,000 times, and he is sought after by many professional sports and Olympic teams. Dr. Keith Baar is collaborating on his breakthrough formula with Legend Labz, a supplement brand driving innovation and new emerging science.

SOURCE Legend Labz, Inc.

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