L.A based tech company Sci Find announces upcoming launch of AI-Powered search engine and database for Life Sciences

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sci Find, a Los Angeles-based tech company will be launching its search engine and comprehensive database on February 8, to promote scientific innovation in the Life Sciences community.

The AI-powered platform, Sci Find, has been developed as a tool that allows scientists to network, market, innovate and commercialize their new technologies at an accelerated pace. By opening doors to new opportunities for collaboration between scientific organizations. Sci Find helps scientific organizations outsource their internal R&D capabilities by directly connecting them to potential clients. We also assist in discovering outsourcing contracts for buying parties interested in outsourcing any of their internal experiments,” says Stefani Robnett, CEO, and co-founder of Sci Find.

Co-founded by Robnett and Guy Rohkin, the company will enable start-ups, academic labs, private labs, and other organizations to outsource their internal R&D capabilities by directly connecting them to potential clients. “We also assist in an active form of marketing that can identify individuals and engage them with your service offerings or technical capabilities,” says Rohkin. 

About Sci Find

Sci Find is an AI-powered tool that uses Natural Language Processing to help researchers market and commercialize their innovations through a matchmaking technique. The company had secured its pre-seed round in 2020 and its lead investor is Rob Koster, a co-founder of a B2B matchmaking startup, Procam Benelux B.V,in the Netherlands which was acquired in 2018. As Rob states:

“There is a significant analogy between that startup and Sci Find’s AI driven matchmaking. I am very excited to participate in Sci Find given the huge potential to shake up the Life Science industry into the network marketing area as all companies and individuals in this field can and will benefit from what Sci Find has to offer.”

The funds were used to develop a search engine and comprehensive database that provides the life sciences community accessibility and visibility required for collaboration.

Stefani Robnett, is a Sarlo Foundation Sustainable Development Fellow  and an ex-Facebooker who spearheaded QA in their maps division, utilizing AI to detect road maps in Open Street Maps. Guy Rohkin is a trained molecular biologist and was the first employee and scientist at an IndieBio, SOSV and True Ventures-backed immuno-repertoire sequencing company called Girihlet Inc based out of Oakland, CA.

Its team of advisors includes Erwin Estigarribia and Shawn Baker. Estigarribia is the COO of InterVenn Biosciences and a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in Biotech operations from therapeutics, to diagnostics to medical devices. Baker, has 20+ years in the field of genomics, with an extensive and broad background in the industry. After receiving his Ph.D. from UC Davis, he joined Illumina as a research scientist when it was a 15-person startup, later transitioning into a product marketing role. Shawn served as the Co-Founder, Board Member, CSO for Allseq Inc, an online sequencing marketplace, which offered a unique and unbiased perspective on the consumer and technology trends in the genomics market. He is also the founder of SanDiegOmics, a specialty genomics business consultancy.

Baker says, “I’ve worked with a number of startup founders, but I’m really enjoying working with the Sci Find team because of the energy they bring and the novel solutions they’re coming up with to long standing problems.”

Their technical lead is David Villarama, formerly the senior engineer at Science 37–the first company to jumpstart virtual clinical trials. With over 20 years of software development expertise, he spearheads Sci Find’s technical development.

Contact Information
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sci_find
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/scifind
Website: www.scifind.net
E-mail: [email protected]


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