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Kentucky Schools Face Challenges Transitioning to Online Teaching during a Pandemic

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

Rebecca Potter has been a teacher in Letcher County, Kentucky, for 29 years, but she’s never had a school year quite like this one. Like most teachers across the country, she has been teaching her students remotely, with the aid of educational software like Google Classroom. But that transition has not been an easy one. 

“Teaching has always been about adjusting on the fly, but you’re already trying to adjust to technology,”she said.  “And so when you have to adjust on the fly with technology, it’s a lot harder.”  

Adapting to remote learning has been challenging for Potter’s students as well. Learning how to use the new technology required to complete schoolwork can be daunting, even for so-called “digital natives” who have grown up in the internet age. 

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