Kate Garraway says it’s ‘torture’ homeschooling without sick husband Derek Draper and says she’s ‘really struggling’

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KATE Garraway has revealed she’s “really struggling” to homeschool her kids without husband Derek Draper and says it’s “torture”.

The presenter, 53, opened up to her co-star Ben Shephard, 46, about teaching her two kids Darcy, 14, and Billy, 11.

Kate opened up about her homeschooling troubles


Kate opened up about her homeschooling troubles

Kate has been forced to homeschool her kids on her own as her husband Derek Draper continues to recover in hospital following his coronavirus battle.

She said: “We have made it to Friday, a collective sigh of relief to anybody who is locked into the torture of homeschooling.

“First time round, I was somewhat distracted at the time, and a lot of people felt quite nice, the sun was shining, we though, ‘Great, time with the children, let’s see what those teachers are doing’.

“And very quickly realised how brilliant teachers are, and this time around it’s a real struggle isn’t it?”

Kate and Derek with kids Darcy and Billy in 2019


Kate and Derek with kids Darcy and Billy in 2019

Ben agreed, saying: “I think it’s really hard this time because of the weather particularly, and the kids just get back to school and be with their friends.”

Kate said: “They want to see other kids don’t they, and it feels like here we go again.”

The star has been keeping a brave face after being told she won’t be able to see Derek until after lockdown as hospitals closed their doors to visitors.

She told GMB viewers that she had been able to take her two children, Darcey and Billy, to see their seriously ill dad for the first time at Christmas.

Derek Draper is still in hospital as he battles coronavirus


Derek Draper is still in hospital as he battles coronavirusCredit: Rex Features

Speaking on last Thursday’s GMB, Kate said: “Instantly, I’m now I’m in a position where even I can’t visit. I’ve not been able to see him.

“We’re back into lockdown and no visits at all, which I hope doesn’t continue for the whole of lockdown, as I think that will be very impactful.”

Derek still remains in intensive care and is now the country’s longest-fighting Covid-19 patient.

Derek has lost eight stone and Kate admitted her sadness at the children seeing how much he has changed.

Derek is the country's longest-suffering patient


Derek is the country’s longest-suffering patientCredit: Rex Features

She said: “I knew it was going to be tough. There was a lovely moment which we did have over the period, we got to see Derek and the children did, which was the first time they were able to do that.

“And of course it was very heightened with emotion because he has so changed. It kind of amplified how very sad it was and how different it is.”

Kate Garraway reveals her kids saw sick husband Derek for the first time since March over Christmas

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