Jade Pearce on Evidence-Informed Education – Education Rickshaw

Jade Pearce on Evidence-Informed Education – Education Rickshaw

In this episode, we are going to be talking about the road to becoming an evidence-informed school with the one, the only, Jade Pearce!

Jade is the author of What Every Teacher Needs to Know, and so it was fitting that we began this interview talking about three things that every teacher should know. And the first that she mentions is that teaching can be “evidence-informed”. Approaching teaching and learning in an evidence-informed way means that what we do, to the greatest possible extent, is backed by the best available research on whether or not something will work. Neelen and Kirschner have this to say about the evidence-informed approach: “Only when we use the evidence available to us as practitioners can we improve our practice through making well-informed decisions. [Being evidence-informed] prevents us from wasting time and money and doing potential harm to learners. It also increases our credibility as a profession.”

Unfortunately in education, many schools are much more interested in pyramids and Pinterest than making any real effort to take evidence seriously. Even when a school does decide that research is important, it’s not immediately clear what should be done next. This is why I was so thrilled to have Jade on the podcast to share her expertise of developing a school and a network of educators who read and think about research in ways that seem, to be perfectly frank, much more sophisticated than anything I’ve experienced in my career. So please, sit back and relax with this fascinating episode of Progressively Incorrect, featuring Jade Pearce.

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