Jacksonville parents turn to homeschooling after Uvadle


Cecilia Payne, mom of 3, mentioned she believes homeschooling is the most secure for young children.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Homeschooling may well be an extra process for moms and dads, but Jacksonville mom Cecilia Payne claims it’s well worth it.

Payne says she promptly took her youngsters out of their faculties immediately after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in December of 2012.

“My young ones aren’t heading back again to regular college,” Payne mentioned. “I adore my young ones. You know I am getting the initiative to homeschool my little ones. they require to be with me. So I know wherever they are at.” 

Payne reported following hearing about the most the latest taking pictures in Uvalde, Texas, she’s happy she created the choice to homeschool her children.

“What we have to seem at there’s not sufficient stability guards to sit in just about every classroom all all-around the united states. In purchase to know that our little ones are risk-free we need to consider care of our kids,” Payne explained.

Payne said for all the parents out there searching into homeschooling you will not regret it.

“Man I say go for it. I’m entrepreneur and been an entrepreneur since 2008. I say if you have the indicate to do it. Go for it,” Payne mentioned.

Payne mentioned for all the dad and mom out there seeking into homeschooling you will not regret it.

Whilst it was a transition for Payne’s little ones from going to common college to homeschooling. She claimed they have more family members bonding time.



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