Home Tuition or Tuition Centre? Which is Better for Your Child?


In Singapore, parents searching for a tutor for their child can often mistake a tuition centre for a private tuition agency, thinking it’s just a play with words. For instance, some think that FamilyTutor Home Tuition Agency is the same as FamilyTutor’s tuition centre. But once aware, the big question now for parents is, should they send their child to a tuition centre or hire a tutor from private home tuition. The question can be answered by finding out where the child can benefit the most.


What are the Major Differences Between a Tuition Centre and Private Home Tuition?


Tutor to student ratio

This is the biggest factor and difference between a tuition centre and home tuition. A tuition centre is almost similar to a classroom environment. Though smaller in number, students in a tuition centre can be anywhere from five to twenty. Thus, in a tuition centre with many students, there is a high chance of undue distractions and tutors can waste precious time attempting to adapt to the student’s learning styles. Family Tutor’s tuition centre isn’t like this because it caters to private one-to-one tutoring since it is a private home tuition agency. The one-to-one tutoring situation means the student and tutor are more focused on each other and the lesson and there are no distractions around them.



With tuition centres, students need to travel to the centre’s location. This may add undue stress on the student. With private home tuition, all teaching sessions are done in the comfort of the student’s own home since it is the tutor who goes to the home. This is convenient for all students at all levels, particularly with junior secondary, upper secondary, and junior college students who need to spend more time at school.


The customised teaching

Every student is unique and has different learning needs, strengths, and weaknesses. A private home tutor will be able to give personalised guidance and adapt or adjust to the student’s learning styles. Tutors can also change their tutoring methods, style, techniques, and strategies to suit as the student progresses and improves academically.


When parents select private home tuition, their child benefits at least benefits in three major ways:


They learn at their own pace

Students can learn at their own pace with a private tutor whether they are fast learners or slow learners. The fast learners can learn ahead of the syllabus and be able to revise topics that were previously taught. Slow learners can benefit from the customised pace of the tutor and this allows students to catch up with lessons at a more comfortable pace and with better clarity.


Tutors bring customised material

Many private tutors with long experience in teaching have gathered or have access to materials suitable for tutoring sessions. The tutors can also customise materials based on the child’s weak areas. The materials can be customised and crafted according to a child’s needs, learning pace, and weaknesses. This helps the child improve in many areas quickly and effectively.


Individualised teaching from tutors

As mentioned earlier, teaching sessions are conducted in a private one-to-one setting. The child will have the tutor’s full and undivided attention for the duration of the sessions. As the tutor is assigned to only one child, the tutor is able to utilise all maximum strategies and effort to assess the child’s learning style and capacity and know what is exactly needed to help the child improve in the specific subject.


FamilyTutor Private Home Tuition Agency

So there lies the difference between a tuition centre and home tuition, and Family Tutor’s tuition centre is actually a private home tuition agency. To summarise it, FamilyTutor is the best reviewed home tuition agency in Singapore because the priority of our tutors is to take great care of all tuition needs. We can even say we are the number one home tuition in Singapore and the most trusted choice for personalised home tuition. Our hand-picked and well-vetted experienced and qualified tutors focus on excellence and meaningful relationships. FamilyTutor is dedicated to nurturing academic improvement and success while building a brighter future for every student.


We have a proven track record that speaks volumes. Student’s grades improve by 1-3 levels within 4 months. So why not visit our official website today and get in touch with us.


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