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Harmony Science Academy creates cinema club for kids

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) -While many movie lovers might be missing the feel of watching big blockbusters on the silver screen, a teacher has created a club where students can enjoy a flick while also learning something new in the process.

Since the start of the virtual semester, it’s been all work and no play for kids at Harmony Science Academy, something that educator Luis Banuelos wants to change.

Banuelos says after noticing how disconnected the students were, he decided to bring a sense of normalcy by creating a cinema club.

With zoom meetings for lessons and lectures being the new norm, it only seemed natural for a group of nearly 30 students to use it for leisure.

Banuelos says, “I believe you can learn from all types of movies. Every movie is an opportunity for a student to learn. During our session they talk about them. They leave each session having learned something. It’s not just entertainment, it’s educational too.”

While most students usually check out by the time school ends, students like Genesis Garza grab their popcorn and beverages for their feature presentation.

Genesis says, “What this program means to me is a lot because I made friends here, I have great moments here, I watch the best movies here and I’m glad that I joined this club and I’m honored.”

And when the credits roll and everyone is giving their thoughts on the film, students like Amber Ortiz says it’s a community that has helped her with her anxiety along the way.

Ortiz says, “I like this group because there’s so many new people here and gives us so many opportunities to just find someone new and talk to them and you don’t get to do that every day and it helps me with my social anxiety. It helps me communicate with other people and I like that.”

In the end, Banuelos believes it’s all about putting on the show for the kids.

Banuelos says he hopes that this club provides them with a sense of hope and comfort that things are going to get better.

Now Banuelos says this program has developed into a community of its own and says he might even expand it to different genres.

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