Free Technology for Teachers: Best of 2022 So Far


With the exception of the webinar I’m hosting currently, I’m taking the rest of the week off. Even though I’m long gone I’ll be republishing some of the most preferred posts of the year so significantly. 

PhET is a great source that I’ve shared a bunch of times above the many years. A short while ago, I was looking by way of the web site when I discovered that its action search instrument now consists of a filter for remote pursuits. By means of this research device you can identify lesson ideas created for distant instruction and discovering. You can merge the distant look for filter with any of the other matter, amount, and language look for filters. View this shorter online video to see how it will work.

More About PhET

In the subsequent movie I demonstrate how to incorporate PhET’s science and math simulations in your Google Web-site. These of you who check out the video clip will also discover that the simulations can also be shared by means of a direct Google Classroom integration.

Dozens of the PhET simulations are offered to insert into PowerPoint shows by way of the use of PhET’s totally free PowerPoint Increase-in. With the Increase-in set up you can search the available simulations and insert them into your slides. The simulations get the job done in your slide just as they do on the PhET internet site.


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