Former MPS teacher in Ukraine sees fallout of war, wonder of rebirth

King Edmund and Prince Caspian, rams on the farm where Diane Baima lives near Kyiv, Ukraine, have destroyed "Putin's throne."

At the beginning of the war, my husband and I gave King Edmund and Prince Caspian an old chair to play with. King Edmund and Prince Caspian are rams on our farm southeast of Kyiv in Ukraine.

As these two old warriors rammed and rammed and rammed, I imagined that their play was a battle between the Ukrainian army and Vladimir Putin’s empire.

The chair is now in pieces, but the war the Russians initiated continues, and I am not certain which country will suffer the same fate as the chair. I want to believe that it is Putin’s Russia, but the Russians are still sitting on their thrones — less dazzling thrones, perhaps, due to sanctions, but they are still sitting there nonetheless.

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