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Education data, including comprehensive ‘Cupp’ district report, now available on Ohio data portal

Written by Mamie M. Arndt

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Ohio’s Department of Education is the latest to feed data into the state’s online portal, including a comprehensive yearly report on more than 50 factors for each school district.


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Looping in different government departments into the portal makes data easy to read and gives unprecedented access, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said in a coronavirus briefing on Tuesday. launched in December, and already included data from the Department of Higher Education.

Husted used the comprehensive report, named the “Cupp Report,” after current Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp, as an example.

“(Before) you had to ask for a floppy disk that they had to send out to you,” Husted said. “Now that data is easily moved around and analyzed.”

The Department of Education currently has 6 public datasets online, including the Cupp Report. Other sets include:

— fiscal benchmark reports for public districts

— education employee positions and demographics (There is a public and private version of this data.)

— community schools dashboard

— education expenditure and revenue data

— district profile report (Cupp Report)

— Ohio scholarship provider interactive directory

The Department of Higher Education has 10 public datasets online. Other agencies with information in the portal include the Department of Health, Department of Youth Services and the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

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