Edmond Public Schools Launches Mentorship Program In Hopes To Retain More Oklahoma Educators


Edmond Public Schools is rolling out a new approach to recruit the next generation of educators. It all starts at home with current EPS students. 

Randy Decker, the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources for the district said they are always looking for innovative ways to bring in teachers. 

“A lot of teachers are leaving the profession in the first five years, and we want to make sure that is not a part of what happens here at Edmond. That we start them here, they stay here, they grow here, and they build a career right here in Edmond,” said Decker. 

The new program is offering seniors the support they need to return to the classroom in four years.  

“Let’s go out and talk to these students that we know are going to college for education. We wanted to make a big deal about it and recruit them to stay right where they are. Go to college, get a great education, and then come back here and begin to pour into the same program that developed them,” he said. 

The district is looking to current EPS seniors going into the field of education. 

“Edmond has the complete package for someone who wants to start here and stay here for as many years as they would like,” said the Associate Superintendent. 

The ‘Grow Your Own’ Program will follow the aspiring teachers through college and offer them resources as they navigate their higher education. 

“Bring more people into their life to make sure that they are comfortable as they start school. In education there is a lot to learn and when people are coming out of college, we want to make sure they have the tools to be successful,” he said. 

Their hope is that EPS alumni will head back into the classroom, this time as teachers. 

“Really looking for that loyalty and for those that will come back here and help us with the next generation of students,” said Decker. 

The district is also offering a $1,000 signing bonus and a retention bonus for teachers who come back next fall. 


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