Dept. Natural Resources director outlines mission to safeguard water | Local News

“Overall, our water supply is fantastic … It’s not the gloom and doom other states have, but we still need to manage it carefully,” Riley said.

n Protecting Nebraska’s existing water uses through collaborative investments in water resources projects, planning, administration and permitting for surface water rights.

Riley noted that Nebraska’s unique water allocation laws have “first in time-first in right” management of surface water and shared rights for groundwater.

The system offers opportunities for integrated water management plans and tools other states don’t have, he said, and allows for the “best and highest use of our water resources.”

n Providing agency services and support with information technologies, transparent data sharing, public information and administration of state funds in cooperation with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission.

At the end of his presentation, Riley showed a photo from the movie “Groundhog Day” and a quote from actor Bill Murray: Don’t get trapped in the past. You can’t change what has already happened. Don’t think about your errors or failures; otherwise you’ll never do anything.”

Riley said it is important to learn from the past and from errors, and then move forward.