Contractor ‘Not Required’ To Use Union Workers: Princeton Schools

PRINCETON, NJ — Administrators at Princeton Public Schools (PPS) responded to the union picketing outside the board office at Valley Road saying contractors are “not required” to use local or union workers.

“Contractors and sub-contractors performing construction work for Princeton Public Schools are not required to use local workers or union workers. All contractors and subcontractors working on District construction projects are legally required to pay prevailing wages,” administration told Patch on Tuesday.

Since last week, Labor Local 77, Ewing-based arm of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, have been protesting a contractor’s hiring of non-local and non- union labor for renovation work at Princeton High School.

“The rat is part of our picketing process. We just want taxpayers to know where their money is going,” Carl Styles, business manager at Labor Local 77 told Patch on Monday.

But administrators defended their decision saying contractors working on District projects are required to submit certified payrolls to the District on a monthly basis. This payroll documents “who they have paid, and how much they have paid to their employees on a particular job.”

“The contractor at issue, H&S, has complied with its reporting obligations by submitting certified payroll records on a monthly basis,” administration said.

Scabby the Rat is a longtime symbol of labor protests across the county.

Styles said the local union wanted to get a meeting with administrators, hence the picketing using the inflatable rodent.

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