Contaminated milk cartons discovered in Boston Public Schools


Cartons tainted by sanitizer were delivered to Winship Elementary in Brighton, the Jackson-Mann School in Allston, and the Rafael Hernandez School in Roxbury.

The contaminated milk cartons were discovered by students April 1, when some young students complained the milk “smelled funny.” Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

Milk cartons contaminated with sanitizer from distributor Garelick Farms were discovered in Boston Public Schools on April 1.

The distributor received a complaint about a “watery substance” found in milk they had delivered to Boston Public schools, according to reporting by WBZ-TV.

The milk was delivered to Winship Elementary, the Jackson-Mann School, and the Rafael Hernandez School, however, inspectors don’t believe students drank any of it.

Some younger students reported the milk “smelled funny” and the carton “had a very strong smell of bleach” according to an inspection report issued Wednesday.

“We immediately took action to retrieve any potentially affected product and began testing this product to verify there is no food safety risk associated with this product,” Garelick Farms said to WBZ-TV. “After a detailed review, it was determined that food-grade sanitizer diluted with water was introduced during production of a limited number of Dairy Pure 1% low-fat half-pint cartons.”

The company said all the cartons that could have been affected were pulled from schools and the tainted milk was not available for sale in retail stores.

Mayor Michelle Wu weighed in on the matter via a statement.

“The Mayor is thankful to Boston Public Schools for taking quick action to protect the health and safety of students,” her office said in a statement. “While no BPS student was harmed, it’s unacceptable that these contaminated milk cartons ever left the supplier and the Mayor’s Office will work with BPS to ensure this won’t happen again.”

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