Celebrities that were homeschooled


The contemporary homeschooling movement started in the ’70s, when the educational theorist John Holt questioned the methods of schooling and its effect on the students. Holt himself was a teacher and worked in private schools. In his book ‘How Children Fail,’ published in 1964, the supporter of school reform made the observation that children love to learn, but don’t like being taught because it makes them unnaturally self-conscious about learning. He also concludes that every child is intelligent. Holt was joined by educational theorist Raymond Moore, and together they inspired the first homeschooled students. Moore stated that early schooling could be harmful for the child, and it was best for children to be schooled at home until they turn eight or nine.

Successful students

Despite its challenging aspect, there are plenty of reasons for parents to choose to teach their children at home. Celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Justin Timberlake, and Emma Watson opted for a home education due to their busy professional schedules, and that didn’t stop them from achieving their goals and becoming the successful artists they are today.

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