Billie Piper ‘hates’ homeschooling

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Billie Piper

Billie Piper “hates” homeschooling her children.

The 38-year-old actress – who has sons Winston, 12, and Eugene, eight, from her marriage to actor Laurence Fox and two-year-old daughter Tallulah with boyfriend Johnny Lloyd – is trying to “crack on” with being back in lockdown because of the spread of coronavirus across the UK but she admitted none of her household are enjoying the fact that schools are closed again.

She said: “We’re OK. We’re just cracking on. Everyone’s going through it and other people have some terrible situations.

“I’ve got two boys home schooling and they just hate it. And I hate it. If a teacher hears me losing it down the phone, I’m past the point of caring. The mask has slipped.”

And the former ‘Doctor Who’ star isn’t happy about the fact remote learning requires so much screen time.

Speaking to She said: “I feel sick to my stomach when I see my kids on devices: even the baby knows how to zoom in on pictures now.”

Billie’s kids have “absolutely no interest” in any of her career and aren’t convinced that her old music videos even feature her.

She said: “They have absolutely no interest in any of it. They certainly don’t give a s*** about my music career.

“They don’t like seeing me in ‘Doctor Who’, and I have pushed that on them a number of times. My elder son would get very upset that I was being chased or scared or attacked, so I thought, ‘OK, this is a weird mental leap for you.’

“They don’t really like seeing me in music videos – they certainly don’t recognise me! They have actually said ‘That’s not you,’ which is very funny.”

When the pandemic is over, Billie can’t wait for “spontaneous days” in the pub that are so unpredictable, though she admitted they were a rarity for her even before lockdown.

Speaking to The Guardian Weekend, she said: “[I miss] those spontaneous days in the pub, where maybe you’re there for two hours, maybe you’re there for seven hours, you know what I mean? Maybe you end up in a club, dancing and sweating with other people. I do miss that because, certainly with three kids, there’s just a lot of logistics…

“I’m ready for it! I’m there! I am so excited by this idea that we’re going to be having this f****** raucous time! Who bloody knows?”

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