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A Baker’s Dozen for Teaching & Learning About Copyright

A Baker’s Dozen for Teaching & Learning About Copyright
Written by Mamie M. Arndt


Copyright in the context of faculty options is a subject matter that is comprehensive of nuances that can make it bewildering for lots of teachers and college students. For example, some people today feel that working with a picture, textual content, online video, or audio in a university routinely can make it a Fair Use. It does not (at least in the United States).

Misunderstandings about matters like Honest Use are fairly widespread. Which is why I’m constantly delighted to reply issues about copyright as it pertains to university settings and give resources to help instructors better understand and instruct copyright lessons to students. To that finish, here are some assets that you can use and share with your colleagues and college students to help them greater recognize copyright, Creative Commons, and Fair Use.

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