3 Recommended Countries with the Cheapest Tuition Fees

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The country with the cheapest tuition fees will certainly be a consideration for many people before deciding to continue their studies abroad. Studying and having the opportunity to live abroad is the dream of most people. The experience of living in a foreign place will be a new experience in the journey of life that not everyone has the opportunity to have.

Studying abroad offers a lot of new experiences in our life, however, the huge tuition fees and other living expenses have always been the main problem.

Here are 3 countries with relatively cheap tuition fees

1. Spain

One of the countries that provide the cheapest tuition fees first in Spain. If you are interested in continuing your studies in a sunny, Mediterranean climate, then Spain is for you. Spain is an attractive country for international students, due to its sunny climate, friendly people, and affordable tuition fees. In addition to studying, in Spain, you can also comprar titulo Universitario which is, of course, safe and of good quality.

With over seventy universities to choose from, you should most likely find a suitable educational program in the country. The average tuition fees you will spend if you choose this country as your education destination are 300 – 3,500 EURO/academic year at a public university, for international students.

2. Portugal

The country with the second cheapest tuition fee is Portugal. If you want an affordable study abroad option in Western Europe, but aren’t interested in spending a lot of money, then Portugal is a great country for your study options.

Portugal has 5 universities in the world’s top-ranking and this is a good achievement for a small country. The average tuition fee in Portugal is also cheap which ranges from 500 – 1,500 EUR / academic year with an average cost of living: 500-750 EUR / month, including accommodation, food, and recreational activities while on vacation.

3. Greece

Then, the choice of the country with the third cheapest tuition fee is Greece. Greece itself is a country known as the land of the gods and is located on the European continent right next to the Balkan Peninsula.

Students from European countries will have the opportunity to study for free from the Greek government, while international students will generally be charged a tuition fee of up to €1,500 (£1,114) annually depending on the institution.